optimizing content | The complete guide to optimizing content for SEO

When making an attempt to form optimized content, there area unit many steps that we want to follow.

1. Perform Keyword Research & Determine Your Topic

While we’ve already identified that your main goal should be to create audience-centric content, keyword research is necessary to ensure that the resulting content can be found through search engines.

A few things to keep in mind when choosing your keywords and topic:

1.Focus on Long-Tail Keywords

2.Avoid Highly Competitive Keywords With Massive Search Numbers

3.Use a Proven Keyword Research Tool

4.Match Your Topic to Your Keyword

2. Develop Your Outline & Format for Optimal Readability

As you’re making your define, take care that you’re information your core content in order that it’s counteracted into tiny chunks.

Online readers have unbelievably short attention spans. And they’re not attending to stick around if your article is simply one ginormous paragraph.

It’s best to stay with paragraphs that square measure 1-2 sentences long, though it’s alright if they stretch to 3-4 shorter sentences.

You’ll additionally need to take care that you’re inserting sub-headers and/or visuals each 150-300 words to interrupt up the content even any.

3. Stick to Your Topic & Target Keyword

As you start writing your content, confine mind the importance of sticking out to the subject and target keyword that you’ve chosen.

Don’t attempt to indite everything and something inside one piece of content. And don’t attempt to target dozens of keywords.

Doing thus isn't solely a large waste of your time, however it prevents you from making the foremost “useful and relevant” content on your topic.

Focus on what you’ve chosen as your topic and keep hyper-relevant thereto topic and therefore the keyword that supports it.

Brian Harnish’s native SEO Guide for Beginners could be a nice example of associate author staying hyper-relevant to a selected topic and keyword.

Just by observing his title, the subject and target keyword ar in real time clear.

And, because of this focus, Harnish’s guide ranks on the primary page of Google for the phrase ‘local SEO guide’.

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